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Meet the Characters!

Hey guys!
I'm back from my impromptu hiatus, I don't know what happened, I suddenly just got absorbed in Wish Upon A Star and slacked off from posting here oops lol I can't promise anything regular, but I think I'm planning to perhaps to a writing series that shares what I've learned over the years from writing. What do you guys think about that? Yes? No? Lol. 
I decided to let you guys meet the characters from Wish Upon A Star! First off, we're going to do Fiona and Triton's personalities and pictures first, since they're pretty much the MCs! 
Fiona is a strong young woman who is horse-crazy and passionate about anything she does. What she does has a reason, and if it doesn't, she usually doesn't do it. She has strong opinions about what she's doing in life, and may find herself in an argument if something someone said doesn't seem right.

Name: Fiona Middle: Joanne Surname: Scott DOB: July 17 Favorite Thing: Horses Pet Peeve: People who talk abo…

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